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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yes we need to catch up a bit but lets talk about The Lion King Broadway Musical first!!!

Hi all!!!

Yes I know I've gone for a bit but since I got back to Miami from Barbados my life has been one busy usual!! I feel like I always start my blog posts this way but come to think of it, I prefer it this way, my life gets so busy  with my projects, my work with my line and trying to have a social life as well that I do not get that much time to actually sit and have a minute for myself but when I do I am able to really sit, regroup, gather my thoughts  and of course I take that moment to blog, that way I get to recap with you all and fill you in on all that has happened and I do have lots to tell!! But first I just couldn't wait to talk about The Lion King, I left the Arsht center tonight feeling so inspired I knew I had to blog about it immediately!!

I am going to attempt to describe the Lion King Musical but truthfully words cannot express how incredible it was, it was impeccable in every aspect, from its production to the talent , costume design, music, everything was on point from beginning to end. It is a show that adults and children can wholeheartedly enjoy together, somehow,  I am sure we all felt like we were part of the show, maybe it was elephants walking through the crowds with smiling faces, or the birds flying above us or maybe it was singing antelope to our left singing songs of praise for King Mufasa welcoming little Simba, I am sure all those elements helped but we all felt involved somehow. By the way, we were not allowed to take any photos throughout the show, which is understandable and to be honest, 1 or 2 photos of the performance would not help me in explaining how astonishing this show was, it is just one of those things you must see. 

Throughout the musical I laughed, cried, and at most points I was just amazed, so much to look at; while focusing on the main character of the moment , the graceful cheetah catched my eye, even the dancing grass captivated me. At one point I noticed a bobbing head dancing below me, I did not even realize that the orchestra was beneath me and I could see the Concert Master and his dancing arms in tune with every moment of the show, it was at that point that I realized I was gripping my dress from sheer shock and awe and I had that familiar tingly feeling along my arms and we all know that feeling when we are so astounded that our hair stands on edge. This Lion King Musical  made me feel proud , I felt inspired as they sang  and danced to “He Lives in Me” tears came to my eyes and at first I felt uncomfortable but I looked around and realized everyone had the same expression on their face, that indescribable feeling that words cannot describe so you just sit and stare with focused eyes.

I should discuss the cast of the Lion King, what a group of talented individuals! I left there wishing I could sing and dance like them, but even though I knew I couldn’t I still felt inspired nevertheless. All of the performances were flawless  from Scar to Mufasa, to Simba , little Nala and even those who played the grass, elephants and giraffes, all of the performances were award winning in my book and I am sure in many others’ too.  When the show ended the cast received numerous standing ovations, the orchestra received a standing ovation, the drummers received a standing ovation and as everyone left there was a common chatter, they were mesmerized and the children were on a high. All I can say is this show was truly an experience for me and I am sure for others too, when you witness so much talent in one place it leaves you feeling inspired and empowered, its an interesting feeling, in fact it’s a great feeling. So my advice is if you are in the Miami area definitely make it a date and see The Lion King, a well-deserved, award-winning  musical. It will be on at the Ziff Ballet Opera House at the  Adrienne Arsht Center from now through to June 11th , or if you are not in Miami  I am sure it will reach your city soon so look out for it. Go out and be inspired!

Now time for the ASMI outfit details, I cannot say what inspired the design of this dress, it was literally one of those moments where I was  in bed about to call it a night and the design came to mind and I jumped up immediately and sketched it. This happens to me a lot, for those that know me well I am an owl, I come alive at night and sometimes, in fact most times I do not reach my bed until 6 am. I brainstorm at night or ideas hit me at night and that’s when I put those ideas to work.
 So one night this design came to me so I jumped up, sketched it and started to draft my pattern. For the silhouette I had in mind I knew I had this perfect blue suede-like stretch fabric on hand that would be perfect and I decided to incorporate some of my printed chiffon fabric which has been a major theme in my pieces this year. So below you can see the process of my dress and of course its result.

Here is my design after I drafted it, by the way my place has alot of drafts and patterns hanging around, others find it confusing but it makes perfect sense to me.

After I draft my design and make sure all my measurements are correct then its time to cut out my pattern pieces, then my fabric and we put it all together, below are my pattern pieces.

And here is the result:

Well that's all for now, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I really hope those of you in Miami will go out and see this show, trust me its a must. 
I will be blogging soon about some events I attended in the past weeks and I will be including these posts and other press events on my ASMI website so do check it out at .

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