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Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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Well Christmas has rolled around once again and 2011 is just moments away. I decided Christmas day was the perfect day to wear and embrace my first try at making a pouf skirt; enjoy the company of great friends; eat and drink myself merry until I have to loosen my waist band, and then sit back, reflect and give thanks for all that 2010 has offered.

For this skirt I would say that I referenced the Christian Dior 1950s New Look. This fabric is among the many that I have sitting here collecting dust but every time I saw it I would picture a poufy bottom or a wide bottom with a very small cinched waist which reminded me of the 1950s New Look silhouette. So I decided to finally try making such a skirt and below you can see the results.

I then figured i could complete the look with an American Apparel lace fitted tunic, i figured this would emphasize the cinched waist.

I must say I had not worn a pouf skirt for a very, very long time and a small part of me felt like Little Bo Peep looking for her sheep but at the same time it was a fun look with a flirty feel and it cannot hurt to feel flirty once in a while! So I was off to flirt, mingle and enjoy the beautiful day :)

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and I am looking forward to a bloggy new year!!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cancun Cancun!!!!!

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What can i say, this is not a travel blog, it is a fashion/creative blog but Cancun, Mexico is such an inspirational and beautiful place it is definitely worth a blog post and a very long one at that.I have so much to say about Cancun, its natural beauty, the people and the places but for now i shall let the photos speak for themselves.

Cancun is full of inspiration and being greeting by such a view the fashionista in me took over. I felt like bright, bold colors were a must for such a beautiful day!

After a bit of touring and sightseeing,one must visit the market and see all the hand made craft and ornaments. Please note the market will make you spend!! i went to sight see and left with a hammock, frida wall art, and many more souvenirs.

My ensemble included Tahari Skirt, Express label blouse and jessica simpson velvet kitten heels (i am not the biggest fan of Jessica Simpson but her shoes and their fit have always been good to me)

The nightlife in Cancun is just as magical and all come out even if it is just to take in the sights. Downtown Cancun can also be referred to the city that never sleeps.

As you can see we all came out in our prints tonight!!

My vintage cuff has been my recent love and it deserved a photo!!

My ensemble for the night included MYNE Jordan blouse and American Apparel body suit.

Now once in Cancun one MUST spend a day at Selvatica and have a zip lining experience and as you zip through the jungle take a deep breath, slowly exhale and relax!

The local market is also a must, its truly a cultural center.

My ensemble included urban outfitters skirt, winnie vintage silk blouse and steve madden boots.

For the final night we decided on Cocobongos, it is a Vegas like club/show and it was simply divine.

In a previous post i posted a jacket i made from some remnants of material well for cocobongos i decided to wear the skirt i had made a while ago from the same fabric; however when i first wore it i made it with a sparkle blouse for a formal like affair but i decided to give it a casual vibe by wearing it with a cotton american apparel leotard.

Well folks, thats all for now on the Cancun post but it was so beautiful do not be surprised if you see a New Years Cancun Post Part 2!!!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Art Basel Miami!!!

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Art Basel in Miami officially started on Tuesday but tonight I finally made it there and of course i must share a few pics of fashion and creativity (of course) at best. Art Basel is one of the most important art shows in the world and it is hosted right here in Miami which means a week of art galleries, exhibitions and of course parties where you see a bit of everyone!I hope these pics give you an idea.

Now onto the sights:

I found these guys very interesting:

and i just had to get a photo with this one:

I also adored these 2 looks:

Art Basel seems to be quite the event, it was freezing and many came out by car, on foot or by bicycle and this one in particular caught our eye:

Now for the tips on my outfit, last week in my history of fashion class my focus has been on the 80s and it got me in a dynasty/Knots Landing mood (for those of you who remember Dynasty and Knots Landing) and this mood greatly influenced my choices for tonight. Silk Blouse by Silvia Tcherassi, Vintage Liz Clairborne slacks and good ole Anne Klein snake skin heels, faux fur purse vintage New York!

Art Basel ends on Sunday, i will try to squeeze in another chance to go over the weekend and of course share it with you all!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Creativity at best!!

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I decided to be productive and clean out closet and sort my world of fabric. Out of my closet i found a black cardigan i never wore and did not even remember i had, then i found the remainder of some beautiful, sparkling black fabric i had left from a skirt i previously made and a thought came to mind, why don't I combine the two. Here is the result...

Then after more digging in my closet i decided to pair my refurbished cardigan with my converse sparkle vest, urban outfitters high-waisted shorts, silver turban (also found some of this silver material remaining from a dress previously made, it turned out great as a turban) and my booties which I also refurbished. Here is the result.... (please note the topic of turbans and refurbished booties shall be discussed in a later blog post)

After such success with my refurbished findings from my messy closet and my mad stack of fabric i decided i deserved a night out with good friends, good drinks and great music! The result however was a great hangover the next day but it was well deserved!!!

The lesson to be learnt from this blog post is never throw away your remnants of fabric and be careful what you throw out of your closet because with a little creativity you can turn something old and worn into something new and fabulous!!!!

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