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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Miami Now TV Fashion Segment

This past week my life has been all about Miami Now TV show. It was at the Diva Lounge event that I met TV Host  & Producer Michelle  Madison and TV, radio and media personality Vanessa James and since that event these ladies and I have remained in touch and needless to say they are amazing! I also felt very honored when they asked me to present my ASMI line in their fashion segment of their South Florida morning show Miami Now.

Since I am working on 2 separate collections at the moment, I decided to present on the Fashion Segment 2 samples of each collection; of course  I have photos to share with you and hopefully you can get an idea of how my day of filming went.

My filming time was at midday on Saturday but I made sure my models and I got there from around 10am so I could get them all made up and fitted.

After I got their make up squared away, it was time to dress them. The first collection I am working on is a romantic lace & knit collection, some pieces of this collection have also been featured in previous blog posts.
The second collection is a more vibrant one which I call the Rainbow collection, in this collection I mix solids with funky, electric prints that include an array of colors.

My model Kiara wore the first sample  of the lace knit pieces while I wore the other.

Models Toni and Ashley wore samples from the Rainbow collection.


The models were ready, it was now my turn. I wore my second sample of the lace & knit collection.
Here we are all together!

The show was great, I thorougly enjoyed it and The Miami Now TV crew made the environment very relaxing and inviting for all their guests!

Here is one more view of all the pieces:

For more news and event info on the fabulous Miami Now TV morning show do check their facebook page and "LIKE"  at

Also, ASMI now has a facebook page as well, there you will see more behind the scene photos of this event, info about this show's airing date and  stay up to date with  my designs past, present and even future ideas! You may find my facebook page at and to stay tuned you may click "LIKE" :)

Till Next Time

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vixen Designs at The Denim Bar!!!

Hi all!

I do hope everyone had a great and relaxing week and of course I must check in and let you  know how my week went. I am at a point in my life where i am trying to find balance, I find myself rushing here there and everywhere and this rushing is proving to not be the best thing, this realization hit home for me as I was rushing around on Saturday, had to stop for gas and then drove off with my purse on top of my car. Yes, I admit, I was that scattered person, but thanks to good and calm friends and a good samaritan I found all my belongings and all is well.  (oh and thanks to traffic lights since my belongings were in the middle of the busy street!) But onto more fashionable and fabulous moments!!!

Over the weekend I attended a fabulous event hosted by the legendary Monie Love. All those familiar with the Hip Hop story would know of female legends such as Queen Latifah and Monie Love and on a side note for all you ladies out there who sometimes need some encouragement and motivation, I suggest listening to the Queen Latifah's  Ladies First  featuring Monie Love.

Now on to the event, which was held at my new favorite place, the Denimbar, we got first look at Monie's launch of her  'Vixen Designs '. I must say, it was an amazing event, held on a Sunday afternoon, I got the chance to meet and greet many, enjoy delicious appetizers (which I  am still craving, big shout out to Haitian sensation Erica the Chef!!) and after we all had a bite and got to know each other, we all had a chance to do what ladies do best, shop till we drop!

Some photos for your viewing pleasure  :)

                                                       Claudia 'Mocha ' and I taking a moment for a pose :)
     We all know the shopping was my favorite part, by the way, as a designer I do not simply call shopping just shopping, I justify it as Market Research. I shop with a purpose!! (I say this to myself  as I look at my wallet)

Now for the outfit info:

I knew I wanted to wear a bright yellow or green dress as it was a Sunday afternoon, but I like to make a statement somehow or introduce something different in all of my outfits and I believe to do this the key is to accessorize. So the night before I looked through some of my bright, funky fabrics and an idea came to mind.

I found this piece and i knew this print is the key to add just a touch of funk to my simple yellow dress.
Here was my idea,

Here was my result, the perfect piece to change the look of any dress or outfit for that matter,

 Info on the complete look,
Dress: ASMI designs, Belt Skirt: ASMI designs, Shoes: Ralph Lauren, Bag :) another oldie but goody!

 I will be making a series of these clothing accessories that I also call ASMI skirt-belts  in different styles, shapes and fabric so stay tuned!!

You all have a great week!

Till Next Time

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Diva Lounge

Hello folks! I hope everyone is having a great week so far and has had a wonderful weekend. My week was busy as usual but over the weekend I got the chance to attend an amazing event; the Miami launch of The Diva Lounge.

The Diva Lounge, founded and hosted by popular media personality Shayna D hosts exclusive  networking events giving women in similar fields the chance to meet, interact and even build future relationships.  These Diva Lounge events take place in New York, DC, Atlanta and now Miami. It was an excellent opportunity to meet some amazing, powerful ladies and to of course, make a toast to the Miami Mavens who were honored at this event for their unbelievable contribution to the industry.

Of course I must share with you some photos from the event:

From the time I walked in I met (from left to right) Skincare and Makeup specialist Mesha Russell, Fashion & Beauty Blogger Ashley Lorraine of A Sassy Woman and Fashion and Shoe Expert Liz of Miss Mean Shoe.

Here I am with the fabulous and inspiring Claudia "Mocha" Jean who was also one of the Mavens honored that night for her excellent work in the industry! Aint she fab!!!

Oh how I love these ladies!! (from left to right) TV Host & Producer Michelle Madison and TV, radio and media personality Vanessa James; also co-hosts of The A.M. Morning show!

I look forward to more of the Diva Lounge Events and I am so grateful that I got the chance to interact with such powerful women, it gives me the inspiration to keep on keeping on. We are all human, sometimes we worry or may feel discouraged but these are the moments that remind us to "keep on keeping on!"

Now for my outfit post, I could not figure out what to wear to this event, I also did not have much time to look for anything since my week was so hectic so as you can imagine my state  Friday evening, what would i wear??? But at 7 pm looking through my fabric I came across some lovely orange material I had forgotten about. So around 9 pm i got to work; I had a night to make a dress, the pressure was on!

this was the status at 10:30 pm Friday 

this was the status at 2 am Saturday morning

this was the result at 7:30 pm Saturday night at The Diva Lounge
Dress: ASMI designs, Shoes: INC , Bag: oldie but goody NY boutique

Remember, no matter the goal, Keep on keeping on.

Till Next Time

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Carrie Mae Weems

As a Fine Arts student, every week I must study and analyze many artists; I find the work of these artists so inspirational and compelling that it is high time I share their work with my readers; therefore I shall have reoccurring posts entitled "Artist Spotlight".

My first spotlight is on award-winning photographer and artist, Carrie Mae Weems.  Her photographs, films and videos focus on serious issues such as gender roles, the history of racism, sexism, class and various political systems.  Weems has also over time, built a body of work that explores the significations of images and words.

One of her pieces that touched me was a part of a series she did in 1995 entitled " From there I Saw What Happened and I Cried". In this series she overlays text on vintage anthropological photographs of black people to express outrage at their historical objectification.
Carrie Mae Weems, From Here I Saw What Happened, 1995–1996, and And I Cried, 1995–1996. C-prints with sandblasted glass text on glass. Images courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery, NY.
(to see all images from this series visit

I also found her series "The Louisiana Project" done in 2003, as a true work of art. This series  hints the hidden histories of Louisiana and shows relations between black and white, rich and poor and the elites and masses. Images from The Louisiana Project include:

 Carrie Mae Weems: The Louisiana Project 2003
(to see all images from this series visit

Carrie Mae Weems: The Louisiana Project 2003
(to see all images from this series visit

Carrie Mae Weems: The Louisiana Project 2003
(to see all images from this series visit

Carrie Mae Weems: The Louisiana Project 2003
(to see all images from this series visit

Carrie Mae Weems: The Louisiana Project 2003
(to see all images from this series visit

For more information on Carrie Mae Weems and to view more of her extensive series please visit .

Till next time

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