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Monday, November 29, 2010

Creativity at best!!

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I decided to be productive and clean out closet and sort my world of fabric. Out of my closet i found a black cardigan i never wore and did not even remember i had, then i found the remainder of some beautiful, sparkling black fabric i had left from a skirt i previously made and a thought came to mind, why don't I combine the two. Here is the result...

Then after more digging in my closet i decided to pair my refurbished cardigan with my converse sparkle vest, urban outfitters high-waisted shorts, silver turban (also found some of this silver material remaining from a dress previously made, it turned out great as a turban) and my booties which I also refurbished. Here is the result.... (please note the topic of turbans and refurbished booties shall be discussed in a later blog post)

After such success with my refurbished findings from my messy closet and my mad stack of fabric i decided i deserved a night out with good friends, good drinks and great music! The result however was a great hangover the next day but it was well deserved!!!

The lesson to be learnt from this blog post is never throw away your remnants of fabric and be careful what you throw out of your closet because with a little creativity you can turn something old and worn into something new and fabulous!!!!

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