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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Charlie & Wilson Fashion Show

Another week has raced passed and I do hope you all had a great and productive one. I have been my usual busy bee self, trying to juggle all my tasks but i am still thinking there are simply not enough hours in a day.

During the week i managed to squeeze in time to attend a fashion show presented by Charlie Wilson Fashion Studio, i thoroughly enjoyed this show and of course i snapped a few shots to share with you all.

Just a bit of information on the Charlie Wilson Fashion Studio, it is based in Miami, Florida and was founded by Fashion Designer Wilson Palacios. Palacios then partnered with Designer Charlie Wilson, who like Palacios has a reputable history of over 25 years in the sewing and fashion industry.

At this show, they not only presented impeccable and detailed cocktail and formal pieces but they also included unique and trendy swimwear perfect for this summer season.
I now have a new design studio to add to my list when i am on the hunt for that perfect unique piece and i do suggest you check them out as well and do the same, for more information feel free to check their website .

Wilson Palacios and I

Wilson Palacios (left) and Charlie Wilson (right)

I decided to wear to the show one of my ASMI designs to the show and i shall also show it here as my outfit post:

Dress: ASMI; Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Till next time,

Monday, June 13, 2011

Been Missing but I'm Back!!!.....CFDA Fashion Awards!

Yes between school, work and reality, I have fallen behind with my blog but no fear, i am back, alive and kicking.

My semester recently ended so now i have the chance to catch up on the latest fashion news, work on new designs and bake till my heart is content; it feels like heaven!
While catching up on the latest news, i came across some pics of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards and i decided to share with you some of my favorite looks.

I liked this leather and lace mix. Chloe Sevigny in her own design.
Miranda Kerr in Michael Kors. The cuffs did it for me, they had me at hello.

Kanye's look was simple, clean and cool. I liked it

(left) Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein (right) LeeLee Sebieski in Adam Kimmel

Those were just a few of my many favorites!!

Before I go I'll share my Sunday Brunch on the Beach look:

Blouse: H&M; Pants:Express; shoes: Ralph Lauren

Also if you are in the South Beach area, you must have Sunday Brunch at Nikki Beach and you never know who may be eating at the table next to you!


I'll end this blog here for now but i promise i won't be missing for too long.

Till next time.

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