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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What is your magazine look???

So it is the September, which is quite an eventful month for me not only because it is my birthday month :) (virgos are the best!!) but its the month where most of the fashion magazines have in a bit of extra for the new fall fashion trends which leaves me with a cup of tea in hand absorbing these magazines on a daily basis. This moment is pure bliss for me:
But  my best moment is when   i study these magazines and  come across an outfit post to realize that i have something quite similar in my closet catching dust, it then makes me think what would be my twist to this look? or what would i add? This is always fun for me so i decided to share it with you.
While reading my Marie Claire September issue i came across this look:
Model: Frankie Rayder; Bodysuit: Michael Kors; Skirt: Michael Kors; Clutch: Michael Kors
Image: Marie Claire September 2011

I saw this and it looked quite familiar, after some closet digging, here is my look:
Bodysuit: Material Girl; Skirt: Vintage; Scarf: Vintage

I would love to see your twist on a magazine look.

Till Next time
Ayesha xoxo


Andrea said...

i love it. I have a similae skirt as well. i love when i browse magazines and see similar items in my closet as well. i feel so fab!

the nyanzi report said...

lovely style and pictures. i think you did a great job.

Tereza Anton said...

You look beautiful.

Preziosa said...

I really love your look! awesome skirt!

Buky said...

Super awesome look!
You can totally add a black blazer or jacket on your look for extra chicness :D
District of Fashion

ASMI said...

Thanks all of you!!!

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