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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All i have to say is...New York New York

A bit of life...a bit of New York...

Oh how i love you New York, here are my outfit pics for easy strolling in the busy NY streets:

Maxi Dress: SOMI boutique(miami); bandeau bra: ASMI designs

Till Next Time
Ayesha xoxo


Anonymous said...

I hope to take my girls for a NY break in April - that'll be one expensive visit with my fashion forward daughters but it's got to be done at least once! I'll need your tips for where to shop and where to eat.
Love the red maxi
k xx

ASMI said...

Oh yes you must they would definitely enjoy it!! my tips are here whenever you need them!

Buky said...

New York is pretty awesome.
I went there 2 years ago, but in the winter.
Have fun!
District of Fashion

Lee Oliveira said...

I can not wait to arrive in NY next week to find the fashionistas on the streets
Lee x

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