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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Series of Almost Interactions

The title of this blog says it all. I took a break from my crazy schedule to attend the most inspirational Art display by Star Roman. The name of the display was "A Series of Almost Interactions"

According to Miami's Star Roman her art "displays visions ranging from the surreal to the abstract" I took a few photos to give you an example of how she caught and displayed her moments in time.

The artistic Star Roman on the right with her creative daughter Kacee Ketalar (who is also working on her own line of vintage graphic tees for summer...stay tuned!)

This had my name all over it, I just had to take a photo with it!

I found these displays very inspirational and i truly believe Star Roman came out the womb with a camera in hand.

This display was held at CS Gallery located in North Miami and the curator of this gallery is Jorge Chirinos Sanchez, his goal is to exhibit and promote new talent. Look out for more exhibits from CS Gallery and of course more blog posts about them!!

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Andrea said...

Muh girl, do tell about ur ensemble! :P

I bought a printed pair of those pants but they are too big :( i hope i can get them altered cuz the long crotch might be problematic

ASMI said...

Oh oh how could i forget to talk about my ensemble, well believe it or not this harem pants and tunic came from forever 21. I was shocked i found a pants in there that fit me so well, since the length is always an issue and the shoes are enzo angiolini (most comfortable pumps ever) and the cardigan is vintage.

Oh and harem pants can be altered, you may have to cut out some of the excess material and then stitch over but just make sure its done accurately!

Send me a pic of them if anything so i can see!

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