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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Museum of Contemporary Art presents Bruce Weber: Haiti/Little Haiti

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Happy New Year all!!!! Well its 2011 folks and I do hope the new year is going well for you so far. I hope the New Years Resolutions have been made and I wish all of you the best of luck in keeping them. ( I definitely need all the help with keeping mine)

For my first blog for the year I decided to focus it on my inspirational day of the week. Today i avoided my couch and television and instead I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami and I must say I am so glad that I did.

At the moment the museum is featuring an exhibition by Bruce Weber who did an entire project focused on Liberty City, Haiti/Little Haiti. Weber is best known for his fashion photography and celebrity portraits for many international magazines including Vogue; however it is evident that he has great love for the community of Little Haiti and this is obvious in his photography, Weber has also chosen Liberty City for many of his assignments for Vogue and Vanity Fair.

This exhibition was quite an emotional one(unfortunately I was not allowed to take photos) but as it was emotional I must say it also left me speechless. Weber drew reference to Haitian born writer, Edwidge Danticat; in his exhibition, her moving poems and quotes such as “neglected, forgotten, denied but not broken” were seen among his touching photos. There was also a part of the exhibition where everyone watched the film “Liberty City is like Paris to me” also done by Weber which featured Kenita Miller from Broadway musical The Color Purple. The film spoke of Liberty City and Little Haiti focusing on the people and the contagious culture while Miller danced through the streets; I found myself snapping my fingers, laughing out loud and even crying at some points during the film. It was truly well done.

Bruce Weber’s obvious goal when drawing attention to Liberty City and Little Haiti is to put a human face on the consequences of an immigration policy that led to the incarceration of Haitians who left their country for the United States to seek asylum. Weber noted that he feels compelled to tell the story of Haitian immigrants in Miami.

For those of you who have never been to Liberty City or Little Haiti, it is an area in North Miami, Florida where you will find many Haitian communities, Haitian businesses and creole restaurants. I have visited this area on many occasions and I must say it is an area that is filled of art, expression and rhythm however the injustices that many of these residents suffer is evident but it is also an area that many artists including Bruce Weber frequent because one can always find beauty and inspiration in the community of Little Haiti. This exhibition was nothing short of amazing and for those who do not know much of community of Little Haiti and its history it proves to be quite educational. The museum shall have Weber's project on display from now until February 13, 2011 and I strongly urge those who are in the Miami Area to drop in and have a look, you will not regret it.

I must end this blog of course with what I wore, my fashion focus. I tell myself to find inspiration one must feel inspirational and fabulous wearing some new love so today my love was my African neck cuff which went perfectly with my head wrap. I found this cuff actually in an antique store in my area, this old lady was selling her antique ornaments and in the corner she also had little odds and ends and of course I found my love and I find it to be fabulous (I hope you do too!). I decided to finish my look with red stockings of course!!!!

What I learnt today, is that I must visit the museum more often since this exhibition blew me away! And always enter antique stores because one never knows what one shall find!!


Anonymous said...

Too bad you were not able to take pictures because this seems like it was a great experience.
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ASMI said...

Oh yes i was so upset when i heard i was not able to take pics but it was a great exhibition nevertheless.I love your site as well, its excellent what you are doing!!!

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