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Friday, December 3, 2010

Art Basel Miami!!!

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Art Basel in Miami officially started on Tuesday but tonight I finally made it there and of course i must share a few pics of fashion and creativity (of course) at best. Art Basel is one of the most important art shows in the world and it is hosted right here in Miami which means a week of art galleries, exhibitions and of course parties where you see a bit of everyone!I hope these pics give you an idea.

Now onto the sights:

I found these guys very interesting:

and i just had to get a photo with this one:

I also adored these 2 looks:

Art Basel seems to be quite the event, it was freezing and many came out by car, on foot or by bicycle and this one in particular caught our eye:

Now for the tips on my outfit, last week in my history of fashion class my focus has been on the 80s and it got me in a dynasty/Knots Landing mood (for those of you who remember Dynasty and Knots Landing) and this mood greatly influenced my choices for tonight. Silk Blouse by Silvia Tcherassi, Vintage Liz Clairborne slacks and good ole Anne Klein snake skin heels, faux fur purse vintage New York!

Art Basel ends on Sunday, i will try to squeeze in another chance to go over the weekend and of course share it with you all!!


Janelle said...

BoOm BaNg !!!!!!!

I like it alot are truly gifted !!! ...Well put together !!

On another note please note that I am no stalker as I always seem to be the first person to comment on your photos.

ASMI said...

hahhaha, you are in no way, form or fashion a stalker and i appreciate the fact that you are the first to comment!!! muahhhh

Andrea said...

Ayesha this is haute heaven!

This blouse is gorgeous!

JT said...

Fabulosity as hiding clothes from me or what? :D

Ma'athematics said...

Vintage Sylvia Tcherassi??? What a prize! That top was made for you girl! Can't wait till you're in NY so we can go treasure hunting together. You make iconic Dynasty fashion look so effortless. Tres Bien!!

Z said...

I made it to Art Basel as well It was my first time Wasn't it awesome? Loving that top, great find!

ASMI said...

@Z yes I must say i was quite impressed with Art Basel and i definitely plan to attend next time around and thanks on the top it was pure luck that i found it!!!

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